From my Window this morning!

Through the busy commuter traffic,I still hear the birds in their extended dawn chorus,heralding their joy of existence.It encourages me to imitate their jest for life,their stage of performance.Their songs,callings,and tweets,give off a sense of purpose that belied their size and quantity.Whenever their songs is heard,even though their pitches vary and their tempo is almost prestissimo I still feel Ina blissful state of calm as the sounds permeate my consciousness,drawing me to their clutches as it were.

If I were to lose my hearing,I would always treasure the fact that I can,and have over the years,soaked up these sounds,fed off them,and allowed them to percolate in my mind,enfusing as it were,with the textures of the orchestra to act as an emotional envelope to my inner most feelings.So,yes,I know that even on this grey morning,with the drizzle coming down and the grey clouds obscuring the sun’s rays,that I can experience these joyful moments,and grasp just how they can help me.

Like the human voices that act as companions to us to light our pathway through life,we struggle to fully appreciate what we have.Even though me might try to be mindful of these wonderful,life has a habit of crowding out what we are trying to appreciate.Its probably why I feel that if children can be exposed more to natural sounds,sights,and the wonders of the natural world,that they can begin to store up for themselves a reservoir of mindfulness by which they can be equipped to form an attachment in later life,when the pressures that come upon us all as adults tend to crowd out these natural things.

When I was at Great Ormond Street hospital visiting a child a few years ago,I took a walk in the morning around the outlining street,and there,tucked away in one of the back street was a very small park attached to which was a equally small city farm.It was a magnet for children,and adults of all different backgrounds.It struck me then,that it was such a wonderful provision,and it gave people a release from the sheer tension of the city,and of life.These creatures,mostly domestic and basic farm animals brought so much joy to the young folk and adults who looked after them.This affected me because being young isn’t easy,but being young in a large city like London can be extremely tough and I always feel that if you give young people the chance to interact with animals and wildlife that the results are nearly always positive.

So,my muse for today has been the affect of listening to the natural sounds around me ,soaking up their, tempos,their patterns,and their presence.As I try to record as authentically as possible these muses,I’m grateful for the time that is spent in reading my thoughts.



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