All children need play!

Yesterday,I spent time reflecting on the word “play”,and what it means.Yes,play,to very young children,is a truly vital part of their development and growth along the passageway of human maturity.As the pressures upon parents become ever greater to just provide the essentials for life for their families,nursery provision is now uppermost in the minds of so many in the early years field.When your infants feel safe to learn through play,there is a sort of magic that happens that engages them with their peers,and the world about them.Why,just to know that each child that is born has a chance to engage their curiosity in a way that doesn’t put them under pressure .

When this provision is met,then these years become a treasure trove of colour,sounds,textures,stories,building Impliments,infant props,adventure and just a sheer jest for life all wrapped up into one experience contained within the pre school nursery.There,it’s not about the IQ of a particular child ,it’s about experiencing things,and maybe the for the first time with their peers.Even at an early age,the engaging voices of the pre-school teachers and assistants do so much to engender an interest in the elements of life.For example,having a soft play area in the garden,with safe places to explore,and having flowers to see growing,or growing their own cress,carrots,leeks,etc,these things are just great to spark curiosity.

Of course,extremely young children need special nurturing and help to grow ,but that doesn’t mean that the teachers and assistants can’t and don’t introduce subjects that might be a challenge.Yesterday,I saw how one nursery explained the importance of rememberance day by phrasing it like this:”This is the day when we remember all those who keep us safe and look after us “,and I thought that was a sterling effort to explain an issue that is important .

All children deserve and need a safe childhood,and it should be the natural goal of every parent to achieve this.Now,how that is done depends on a number of factors,and sometimes they are not as clear as they appear to be.However,I firmly believe from observing parents over 35 years now,that by far the majority of parents do their best for their children and seem hard wired almost to do that.It seems obvious that the tragic circumstances of a few children will stand out because they are in the absolute minority.While nursery provision involves cost,and sometimes those costs appear to be very high,every child matters,and every infant deserves these golden years of structured play with peers.

As I thought about this ,I have reason now to applaud those wonderful children’s hospitals who ,up and down our country ,continue to provide activities for sick babies,infants ,and children that have to balance the needs that each have with their health issues too.We could all feel exhausted just looking after our children when they are well,but when they are ill too,that can,and is,a major concern,so knowing that these provisions are there in our society make it a far more humane place.

So,these little ones might have small faces,but they are going places,going there in their imaginations ,in their play and with their peers.

Thank you for you interest in my muse for today.


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