Vernon and Morwena take stock after the night before!

As Vernon had taken a massive blow to his reputation by imbibing brandy at Bill Penhaligon’s,he felt less able to coax Morwena out of her lethargy.After all,without her,he couldn’t have made it down Pengelly hill,and would have been late to clock on in his shift in the morning.Morwena had galvanised him,got him his crib ,made sure that his cloths were ready,she had just done it without a fuss.But,you see,Morwena understood that Bill and Gwen were clever,and they would never want a mere Penpraise,a lowly foreman and his wife to dictate what went on down their precious mind.Morwena knew only too well that Bill Penhaligan realised that Vernon was a simple man at heart,but that he was a sincere man of faith,and he would never had imbibed Brandy without the pressure to extract promises from the mine owners to increase safety for miners.Morwena didn’t trust any mine owner,and she knew that they were only really concerned with their life,and as long as there were men like her Pa and Vernon and Tom and Denzil,why,that would be fine.So what,if a few were killed,it was just a hazard of extracting the ore from deep under the ground.These owners were ruthless.They had the ear of the crown,and Parliament and they wouldn’t give an inch u less they were forcibly made to do so.

So,yes,Morwena had come down from the Pengellys,not with the feeling of  Vernon having failed,but with the sad fact that he had been duped.She didn’t reproach him for it,as she knew that Vernon deep down was a good man,that he worked hard,that he had beliefs,and even if she didn’t share them,she respected them.At least with Vernon drunk that night,he didn’t try to force himself on her as she had spent the night transfixed by Pierre’s picture,and she felt bizarrely grateful to Gwen and Bill who had brought a little of her man to the village.She knew that she might never see him again.She was sensible,intelligent,and sane.

She Picked up the newspaper and then everything was to change for her.


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