Before Brexit,there was always English music!

Today,in this moment,I hear the evening concert of the birds in the Trees.It reminds me of English music permeating my mind ,touching my emotional,fondling my soul.As the birds perform their orchestral suite,the strains of Delius and the lark ascending grasp my heart,inducing a musical picture that I can frame in this delicious sound bite moment.Although it will end,I long for it to continue,to resonate deep into the evening as dusks descends upon the day.These patterns of the English masters affect me,and now think of the music of Finzi and avaughan Williams,and I thank my teachers for promoting this music to a young boy,so that he ran with it ,loving it well into middle age and beyond.

There is something special,right you could say about music composed in the land of your birth,that destiny with your home sound.The birds in the trees,the soft light ,the freshly mown grass,the slow pace of the Dorset countryside is the perfect companion to these lush tonal colours.As I reflect on these masters of my art,I give them a huge vote of thanks.Yes,music from around the world will always fascinate me,and the Germanic school will always have a profound affect on my taste.If but for a moment though,I must feel that tingle ,that Peter Warlck carol,that Elgarian Serenade for strings,that Holst planet suite,that Ivor Gurney song,that profound grasping for a bye gone Age.Yes,this Friday,this now,this Stanford and Bridge reflection,why,they have made life bearable ,just given it a meaning that transcends the banal pointlessness of Brexit,austerity,and pseudo Nationalism.Because,these composers said something in a snapshot of musical time that can still say something now on this Friday evening just before dusk.

Sometimes,they make me laugh,they make me feel a pride in humanity,and sometimes they help me to cry,for all great music must I still joy,and help us cope with trauma too.Truly great music can be ,and is found,within the English Canon.

For ,starting with Henry Purcell,along with Jeremiah Clarke ,and recently Sir Peter Maxwell Davies,they speak to me in a manner that is ,to me ,at least,life affirming,life engaging,and just a GOOD.

Thank you for indulging me in my muses.


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