Sitting by the Sea.

Today,in the heat of this spring day,I sat by the sea on the Dorset beach at Kimmeridge.With the tide out,I soaked up these Jurassic ridges,with the foreshore ,and its slate ledges,I found these fossils of yesterday breathtaking.

My impression was of a true Dorset Idyll in the mood of Lullworth cove or Durdle,and this jewel in the crown of the Isle of Purbeck infused my attention.My thoughts at this time enabled me to forget the present grapplings of lack of sleep and anxiety,leaving me to exist in a better place ,all be it for a few hours.

As my cat party explored a different part of the beach,I ,along with my Tibetan Terriers,drew comfort from the simple beach pursuits that I had cultivated from childhood.As those times were not without their trials,I found then,as I do now,that the antedote is to soak up the wonderful elements of nature all around me.These memories ,feed as they were with my imagination and my determination to forge a better life for myself are the things that I use today to move forward as a person.Of course,I’m still learning,still reflecting,but I like to take advantage of positive memories because these ca fuel us to continue on in life.

Now,the sea in its dormant sense,has a tranquillity that is quite unique,but even when the waves are up and the wind is raging,those momories rejuvenate us ,recharging our batteries as it were to carry on living,

So,Kimmerage was a wavebite of colour,texture,tints,heats,hints of magic,clusters of rock Pools,canoes in the inlet,dinghy sailing and yacht embracing.


Thank you .


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