How does my Garden grow?

As I attempt to give a half intelligent answer to my question,I am thinking about it in terms of ignorance meshed with awe and appreciation.For a start,my ignorance of all things botanical stems from enforced garden labours inflicted on my person asasmall child by my step father.You see,from his rather narcissistic perspective,gardening picking up stones in the garden from one place and relocating them to another part of the site.

You  never really  or at least,I didn’t,move on from that.So,my future endeavours in the garden were never really moments of bliss can I say.However,as the years rolled on,my times in the garden continued with their experiences ranging from the total afternoons of abject boredom,to using the time to get weeding done,the lawn,and the enjoyment of the sunshine with a glass of vino blonko.


This afternoon saw me sitting in the garden at first reading a book,and having a glass of vino blonko.As the sun went down ,I surveyed the scrubs ,the trees and such like,and realising that I should really do something to tidy it up a little.As I pruned and weeded-but definitely no sane clearance-things settled in my mind and I found the experience quite pleasant,a bit like Johann Strauss.As I pressed on,I began ,reluctantly ,to view this time in the garden rather as a metaphor ,and it’s this:You can do just enough of something’s no to hate it,and if your not properly inspired in any activity,it could well put you off it for life.To elaborate,s a teacher,I have within me the ability to inspire my pupils ,to introduce them to music in such a way that they will love it for the rest of their life.Conversely,in the space of a weakly lesson without any personal commitment,that could literally put you off music or any educational subject ,rendering the whole experience horrendous.

As I think about it further,so many people get so much pleasure from their garden,and Dorset is awash with beautiful examples of fantastic ones.So,it can’t be the activity,it must be ,as in my case,the way you were introduced to it.So to,teaching ,when it is done well,opens up intellectual vistas to all that can staY with them long after they reach adulthood .

So,in my case,I’m never going to emulate Percy Thrower,but I will ,with glass in one hand,and pruning shears in the other ,learn to placate my inner hatred.

Thank you for your attention to my muse today.



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