Beethoven and Brahms,music on my list.

My teaching day has allowed me to focus on the Romantic period today,generating a head full of beautiful tonal colours.If I think about it too deeply,then probably my subjective ear would request that I had balanced my day with a few helpings of Bach or Handel,and maybe Elgar and Delius,but I don’t in anyway feel deprived,

Late Beethoven Piano music is a joy to play,and a privilege to teach,along with Brahms,so I felt that my musical cup overflowed today,like sonic nectar.When these harmonies hit my brain,they affect me emotionally,filling me with  warmth that I feel so very lucky to have experienced.Now,at the end of the day,I wonder just how these abstract sounds that penetrate our mind and heart can have such power,such density,but they do,they really do.

Now,as I am trying not to be too emotional about it,I still resort to the lushness of music from the Romantic era.Without music,I would be a lesser man,a more morose man,a negative,liner type man.Music lifts me from the demon self Pity,and forges a relationship with humanity,with living creative souls,with all souls in fact.


This is my black g post for today,and I know that I’ve written words and f this nature before,but I make no apology for this.

Thankyou for your attention to my musings.



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