Time to ourselves.

As humans,we are,by nature,social beings,and we need contact with others to oil the wheels of our lives.Why,the very thought of enforced isolation would scare the majority of us.As we enjoy the Easter break and this spring time,it’s a special time to gather as families in the truest sense.So,why this title,”Time to ourselves”.Notice that I didn’t specify the amount of time,or I didn’t imply that we should all fly off to a desert Island.No,that wasn’t my intention when I penned the title,it was for another reason all together .

My reason was that ,at times,there are just so many demands upon our time,so many constraints that the average person with a family and feel totally straight jacketed by these demands.So what is to be done? My coping mechanisms are,truth be told,quite basic,but they help me.Yes,the acquisition of two dogs might not be your idea of a time oasis,but they have to be walked in the forest or around our small town each day,and they act as a time to be with me.During these walks,I commune with nature,and I am mindful of myself during this hour.


My other activity is to play my very old records.This process requires an almost bizarre observance of preparation as I take the record out of its sleeve,gently placing the stylus unto the revolving disc at thirty three and a third revolutions per second.The very fact that I can ,and do,insist on playing one of these records stops the endless selection,the endless choices that we are confronted with,so that I can just live in this moment by myself,on my own.

Today,I listened to a recoding of Elgar’s cello concerto with Jackeline Du Pre.In those moments,I recharged myself,and felt that I could better cope with my lot in life.

Now,I don’t have all the answers,and this muse isn’t about that,it’s about putting my thoughts out in the ether that might be of interest to others.

As a conclusion to this piece though,I would say that all people need time to themselves for at least some portion of the day,and this is vital for us all.

Thank you for your kind attention.



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