Marilyn Graham:Letters to Parliament.

As Marilyn Graham had watched the blooming of Morwena from miners daughter to  Cornish suffragette,she marvelled at her gravitas,her sheer fortitude and assuredness.

marilyn wished that she had been able to explain certain things to Morwena,but it couldn’t be,it just couldn’t.She had noticed that Morwena held her in awe so to speak,and she had observed how he hung onto every word that she uttered,Marilyn was not only a librarian,she was a woman of letters,and her well read personal library was magnet to Morwena.Marilyn had appreciation for Morwena not quizzing her about her unmarried state,about her lack of a male suitor.Yes,Marilyn knew that there were those women who knew of her trips to Truro of a Saturday who asked too many questions,but Morwena wasn’t one of them.Morwena had a lustre about her,an appreciation for art,a glow in her complexion that belied her station in life.Marilyn wanted to shower her with support,with sustenance,with care,with compassion and kindess.As convention dictated,she knew that her position in the village was of the respectable Librarian ,and of the respectable Graham family stock,and the fact that she held Morwena in such high esteem must never be expressed.But,she couldn’t allow Morwena to travel on her own to Penzance with the waifs and strays of third class carriage,She just couldn’t,and she wouldn’t see her demeaned,pushed around,man handled and touched by men of ill repute,so she had seen to it that Morwena travelled first class,and she also made sure that a room in the hotel Victoria in Penzance would be ready for her to stay the night.

Marilyn sat and thought,she hoped that Morwena would fair well,and a little voice ,a secret clandestine one,hope that they would be close ,soulmates,conjoined in their quest for independence.


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