Thankyou my Cherry tree.

Pink Petals from my Cherry tree descend to the ground and another year of beautiful

Display is over.

Thank you Cherry tree,for your display of Pink pleasure,your life show has had many admirers.


As the firethorn next to you prepares for its show,I will remember the good vibes you brought me for another year.

As the day of early Summer move ever onward,you were my prelude to tree spring,

you once again said:”It’s that special 10 days,your in the Pink”.

I said that I wouldn’t be seen dead in Pink,or was it my sister Shiela,I forget,

but the Cherry tree was her favourite one,and I reckon it’s up there with yours too.

So thank you Cherry tree,thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there ,

and you there makes me stare,and you don’t mind,you like being stared at,you drink in the praise,the anthems of song in your honour.



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