Scaling our musical heights.

There is a scale in music called the Pentatonic scale.From the prefix before tonic it means five tones,as in the word Pentagon,or a Pentangle.

In Western classical music ,the favoured scale is the Diatonic scale that spans an octave.Obviously,you would be aware that an octave with its prefix oct means 8 now tes,as in octopus,

Most modern music uses the diatonic scale,either in the major  or minor form which satisfies the composition needs of composers for this genre.These scales act as templates for songs and instrumental solos that have stood the test of time for centuries now.

However,with the onset of the Jazz genre that grew out of the first part of the 20th century,the Pentatonic scale became a unique compositional mode that began to affect those musicians and inspire them.As Jazz in its different forms has incorporated various Greek modes that have ,as their origin,the pre -renaissance period and medieval era.

As all Western classical music is the pursuit of sound and interrelationships,we are all attached to the relative sound of scales and modes and these forms allow us to dress our music in organised shapes that our mind has grown used to understanding.Thus,when we listen to say Vivaldi ,we immediately associate his music with patterns from a related mode,and that applies to Bach and Handel.If there wasn’t a system by which we could place the sounds of the instruments,then ur brain would struggle to comprehend it.

So,when we can to taught to crack these scales and modes rather like a sound code,then our listening begins to make sense to us.We start to recognise repeated patterns ,and we understand the artistic intent of the nature as f the music.We surely have so much wonderful music to tap in to.Life along with music,can add lustre and joy to living.When other forms and f communication becomes tough,we have so much to enjoy when music is central to our communication.

As I have seen the joy that music brings in people’s lives,I am thankful that we have these scales and modes and this is the subject of my muse today.


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