Once there was a ……

There was once a rather portly piano teacher who loved cake:Well ,to be exact,he loved cake,scones (with clotted cream,obviously) chocolate of different varieties and some.In fact,this piano teacher ,you could say,was like a child who never stopped having a fascination for all things SWEET!

Now,weight gain catches up with him and following a rather forthright discussion with his friendly GP of over 25 years,he was told in no u certain terms that he was now,and this won’t surprise you ,Obese.That word has a certain connection to bad news doesn’t it.You know the O bit,that vowel ,4on the list of vowels that I learnt from my English mistress Miss Husband back in Cornwall decades ago.So,I was an O ,and O dear,an O my,and O heck,it was just that following my O came the best part.As I reflected on the word,I thought of a beast.Somehow I added that twist to the tail of my GPS statement.Yes,I was now the O man ,the O man who had grown his own beast.


As my rather childish reading in my life had always included a love for the BFG,I wondered wether if I could change my perception of being an O beast,then maybe I could be a tourist attraction,like “The Beast of Bodmin Moor”,but no,no such pseudo celebrity awaited me as I came to terms with my new found definition.

Sometimes,labels have a power to affect us profoundly,don’t they.You know,my favourite ever Pianist ,John Ogden,was a large man,a portly man,a cuddling gentle giant as the guardian critic described as,but he was never an O ,never the 4th vowel,never a slight annoyance to Miss Husband who revered him as a Greek god.

“Play like Ogden boy,she would say”,she would never ever comment on his obviously Big O.But now,in this doctors surgery,I was confronted with the Big O designation.Now,for reasons that I can’t truly edit that well,I’m very friendly with my GP,and he has sat in my home on numerous occasions ,and I know his sons well too.However,I still remember the O day when he looked me in the eye and told me that I was an O.

Since then,I’ve talked to the O side of myself numerous times,you know,o says :”Ivory  tinkerer,I just love a bit of cake,don’t you”.look at that chocolate over there,go on Ivory ,just a small bit,it won’t do any harm”.

Do you ever have conversations like that,or do you sail through life in a charmed existence without a care in the world.?

Well,I’ve still got my love of cake,and as my daughter in law has made one and it sits in the kitchen ,resplendent in its lighthouse position away from my dogs,I am still having that co versation with my O,and my O is still saying:”Don’t you just love a bit of cake?”

So,you vowel number 4 ,you grasped of all things sweet,I know you take no prisoners,and you don’t care about your affects either,but I’m on to you .So,I’ve got my A for Adrian,my E for energy,my I for intensity,my Y for Youthful.

Now,I’m a tad weird at time,I grant you,but if you have ever been told that you have a label ,or someone has given you one as they are apt to do,just remember the power of semantic language and think of other good things about your self.

Lets take some now:

K for kind,

C for compassionate.

U  for unique,

Have a day every one.



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