Building for the future!

From a previous time in my life,over 15 years ago,I looked up at the Spinniker tower.All those years ago,I used to test concrete for a multi national minerals company,Anglo-American.It wasn’t a difficult job ,it wasn’t a demanding job either,but it was something that had to be done correctly.As I looked up at the tower upon the Waterfront this evening,I remembered that I tested over 50 samples of concrete at various stages of the construction.

As I looked up,I thought of the various tests of character that we all face in life one way or another,and I realised that what we might see of people from the outside is rarely the true picture.Sometimes,the tests that people face might seem insignificant to others,but to those who are grappling with these things,they are immense.As comparisons rarely enlighten us,it’s imperative that we see the good in others as we do not know just what they are going through.Constructing a tower is a major civil engineering project because it has to withstand the elements from the spectrum extremes,but our extreme tests are many and varied in nature.Just when we might feel that we have conquered a specific thing,then another one comes up.With me,I thought that I had conquered stage freight in my early years,only to have it rear its ugly head in my late teens,and I use those personal obstacles to help my pupils now.No adult is immune from weakness,no man or woman is without flaw,but when can easily forget the mistakes that we made in our youth to the detriment of our usefulness to the young.

Really,bringing up children is like building a tower.,with many many tests along the way,some motor,but so many that test our resolve as parents.Along the way,I made many mistakes as a father-not ever having a proper role model,and no manual didn’t help-but I made it my aim to admit my mistakes and tell my children that I truly loved bed them each day .That,you might think,isn’t anything out of the ordinary,and you would be right.However,there were tests along the way for me ,many of which I worried if I would ever measure up.

So with the Spinneker tower,as with us,we have to build using the correct tested materials,and I sincerely hope ,just as with the tower,all our families are standard nag in decades to come as testimony to the power of overcoming tests,and coming through them stronger.


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