Can it ever be too quiet?

It doesn’t seem a week,does it?You know,a week ago,I was in a remote farm cottage in darkest Devon,shut away from civilisation investing in the feral nature of my surroundings.As the birds,the sheep and the cattle competed for their space,I didn’t want to claim any for me ,as it seemed to be theirs.You know,the countryside ,with all its richness and tapestries of colours and plants species does seem to exist in a completely different world.

As the owner replied to my request about Wi Fi at the cottage with a “You’ll just have to soak up the quietness” I thought in my cynical way that it was her way of not addressing my question.As the week went on,I didn’t fully accept that I have to have complete quietness either.


Why,on arriving at the Atlantic coast,it was anything but quiet,it roared in and off all week.In the mist of Tuesday,it spoke as if to say :”Don’t come too close,or I’ll swallow you up”,so yes,nature,or the forces of nature ,are not always quiet.Yes,they are punctuated by quietness granted,nut never truly quiet.That got me thinking about the need to communicate,and how important it is to communicate to one another.As we do,we hope that their emotional intelligence will really listen to what we say,our concerns,our cares,and our worries.However,it is imperative that we listen to them with the same amount of emotional intelligence ,accepting what we must want to give.

So,yes,it was good to have quietness,to be in a rural retreat,but it is never good to isolate ourselves,taking ourselves away from others.

There were days when the Atlantic felt at ease with itself,able to be a partner in sound as it were,and you could hear yourself as you looked at its splendour in front of you,but you always knew that just like someone with a temper,it could flare up at any time,ready to surprise,alarm,inspire,but also jolt you into respecting its power at the same time.

So,I wrote in the visitor’s book,that I had a lovely time,but need to interact more now that I have recharged my emotional wind power from the Turbines of my soul .

i wrote that as a metaphor as there are so many wind turbines in the Devon and Cornwall countryside now.But,I wonder if the owner would have read ,or if she did,I wonder what she might have thought !!!!!Then,after that nano second,I realised that it didn’t matter what she thought because I knew what I meant and I had experienced the silence ,but that too mush of it isn’t good for me and that was a life lesson .

We all learn lessons ,don’t we,I like to think that I learn them from different sources ,but we all need to learn.



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