We need more culture in Great Britain post Brexit!

As if to touch this note,it vibrates from my fingers,into my mind,and internalised into a thought ,a blazing no thought of hope.That one note,from the opening figure of Elergy,by Grieg,signalled my permission to feel a passion from this mans great music.

Sometimes in an effort to arrive at an analysis of form and structure,we can miss the affect of just one short musical figure,preferring instead to digress into a long winded attempt to justify our own musical intellect,but that can’t always be the main driver for artists and musician alike.

Proust knew the value of just moments,excelling experiences that defined his art and  enabled him to elaborate on these singular moments in time to great mastery.My impression of single figures of music lead me to observe their affect on me,and when experienced in company with others draw me to the Zenith of my appreciation for just being alive.

No-one,in my way of thinking,should ever be deprived of the opportunity of hearing,seeing,feeling,reflecting,and living art because that,to me,is the life blood of everything else.When asked by one of his junior minister during the war why we were spending money on the arts,Churchill lamented:”What are we fighting for if not for the arts”

Now,as one who has known poverty in my life,I can attest to the importance of sustenance and the arts as handmaidens of our destiny ,of our future genuine prosperity.

Recently,the European Baroque Orchestra ,once based in Oxford,returned to Belgium to base their. Performances In that country.When once that great city of Oxford was their home,the early casualty of Brexit didn’t have a gigantic fanfare,wasn’t part of the election diatribe,but ,if you love the arts as I do,then you know that they won’t return,they will be world leaders in another country,the clue to their existence lies in their name.

But ,I hope that I’m wrong,and I hope that this country ,this spectured Isle,this forever England will discover its stamp of great art and music once again and recognise that it’s people need culture in their lives as well as any other .

End of rant.



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