Life as the support artist.

As I sit ,with score in one hand,and YouTube music of the Hummel Trumpet concerto in the other,it occurs to me that it can be an odd paradox when your working as a piano accompaniment.For,on the one hand,your central to the performance ,as you play the part of the orchestra,and on the other,you have to be subservient to the soloist who has the main part by definition.Ive played this part since nice I was 11,accompanying my friend at that time,John Hambly as he played his Cornet in a rather dusty and grubby village hall at Fraddon in Cornwall.Those days were far less intense than now musically .

Nowadays,as my pupil prepares for an exam that will have a large affect on the future,it behaves me to support,cajole,and accompany all at the same time.This transference from teacher to life coach has happened seemingly invisibly in teaching.Gone are the days when you could simply ask your pupil by way of address the pleasantries of life,as life is far more complex and requires pastoral skills that eclipse my previous early encounters with pupils young and old.

These are the days of developing listening skills far beyond what I thought I would ever need in those early days of playing at the fea pit halls in Cornwall.Personally,I love the process of teaching,the demands it places,and the rewards that are accrued and I am happy in this state that I find myself in.

So,yes,my hours preparation with this rattle and Hummel as I affectionately call this composer as been a fillet to me.

I hope that everyone can find some joy in their work life today.

Thank you for y ur attention to my muse.



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