Postscript on my day!

Well,it’s been a day of Beethoven,Mozart,Chopin and Faure.As my musical mind resets to calm,I realise that I’m very lucky.Lucky to have an audience,lucky to have something that I love to do,when so many have to do jobs that they really hate.

My teaching day started with Piano accompaniment ,and ended with Chopin “Fantasies Impromtu”,quite the a magical mix of musical treats,like a well cooked Monk fish,of Dover Sole,yes,I’m a lucky lucky man.

Now,as the sounds die away from ky consiousness for a while,I ruminate on what just y can be had from teaching in the expressive arts,and I’m determined that I will record this Joy on ky blog post now.

Sometimes, and t easy to be negative about our life and our activities ,but I am happy to be involved in music,the arts,and all things cultural .

This is the best way of jobs and I am thankful for it.



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