Atlantic memory.

As the patterns created by the ripples of the sea on the shore of Sandymouth bay settled,I marvelled at the sheer depth and gravity of sound at high tide.Yes,with the winds up,the Atlantic roared,it spoke,it spelled :”I’m powerful,I’m noisey,I’m raging”

This day happened to me a few weeks ago but it came into my mind just now,as I record it as if to remind myself that I was there on that day,that place as it were spoke to me in the metaphysical of its own making.Sandymouth bay is,on the majority of times,a serene place for many a family to visit,to just sit on the foreshore a listen and reflect and bask in its splendour.

However,that day,that tail end of its activity was far different.Arriving at say 5:30 in the evening,you could hear that breathtaking sound way before you saw those high waves,those rollers of the high seas.As you got closer to the mouth,it sucked you in,you just were attracted like a magnetic pole as it were.On that day,the scene was like as if the mouth took on another character ,a different personality.This change interested me ,intrigued me,and I dwelt at the mouth as the high tide did its work on me.I wasn’t afraiad,but I never turned my back on the torrent,thinking that you need all your wits about you when there is a high tide.

When the sound of the Atlantic is like that ,your thoughts are like buzz words,Awesome was one,Stupendous was another,Niagra Falls type sound another.These sounds,punctuated by the waves crashing against the sea acted as a rejuvenated life pamecea to me .Its funny though that it took 3 weeks to come into my acute consciousness,and I often wonder about that.Now,as I’m back in Dorset living some 15 miles from the South coast,I realise that the North coast of Cornwall and Devon offer a special experience to me.

At the time,my mind froze with the sheer magnitude of the mouth that day,but now,in the bungalow that I live on a normal day,that memory has come into my mind.


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