Hoping for the best .

Light and shadows draw us to considered:Memories of light ,like the seeds of watered plants.

When shadows exist,then surely light must be there,we just have to search for it.

So,that old mantra:”There is light at the end of the tunnel”,rings true,it’s oscillates in my brain ,back and forth.

Maybe I’m too optimistic,but I feel that there is always light at the end of the tunnel,I really do.

Tonight,a Facebook friend from my hometown has won a photography competition and it has positively affected me.

So,what do I mean:It’s always better to celebrate the achievements of others,their pluses,their good points,it really is.

Yes,I feel people need to be told that they are intrinsically good,that they can really make a difference if they are given the chance.

So,give people a chance,give them hope,then they might just surprise you.

Thank you .


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