It’s a funny time.

As I look up to the top of my I-pad screen,it’s says 7:19,it won’t say it if I write another ten words ,for in that space,it will then say 7:20,and I think about that phrase:”Time and tide waits for no man”

Just one moment,an innocuous glance at a screen seemed to lend itself to this muse this morning ,as if to become its own timeline.Since I started this muse a little over 4 minutes ago,I realise that I’ve gone from writing something right off the bat as it were,to becoming quite reflective about a phrase that has been uttered by folk who live by the sea numerous times.That strikes me as powerful because when I went to a lecture many years ago in London,I heard that same phrase.Thinking about it further,it is an absolute truism ,it isn’t an urban myth ,it’s not “on trend”,it’s simply true.

Three weeks ago,I was reminded of it ,of the rapidity of the tides as I observed the waves coming into the mouth of Bude harbour on the North Cornish coast.They just rushed in,causing my. On seafaring dogs to panic.Upon writing that last word,I realised that it is now 7:29,a full ten minutes since I started this muse,and I wonder if my mixture of words,of nostalgia and plain common sense could have any merit on this Saturday morning here in Dorset.Well,as a reminder of what we can articulate in time,it’s hardly Proustian,and as an observation ,it is not scientific,but it is something else.That something is in the form of an emotional etching that the tide tends to o for us when we relinquish our precious time as it were,and listen and watch it.You see,it envigorates us,it enlivens us as we listen ,as we see,and then,we feel something,something that we didn’t feel until we walked there,until we stood there ,until we gave yourselves time..

So,as I glance up at my I-pad,it says 7:36,so this is my muse for today,being willing to give ourselves time,not just any borrowed time,but yourself time.
Have a good day.


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