My proud day.

From holding him in my arms as a babe,

To that first rush of anxiety at 48 hours old,

To be told “there’s a murmur,but is probably innocent”,

From the six week check,to countless cardiac investigations,

But ,at the Same time,there is hope,hope ,hope.

Hospital stays become a life pattern,you get used to it,

You get into “doing what you can”,

You encourage him to thrive,you don’t deny him anything that can help,

He starts school,it seems cruel,he can’t do you see,

But he is natively bright ,like a lighthouse light,he shines in the learning environment,

He gets by ,he somehow understands science and Maths and computer science,and he finds himself.

He lazy ,just like his dad,but very bright,just like his mum,

He sails through GCSEs and before we know it he is off to Uni.

His first degree in Physics at Imperial,followed by another degree in computer science ,

People in academia start talking about him having a “beautiful mind”

All through this,his heart continues to pump,and as it pumps he jumps ahead ,and he starts his Doctorate.

Oh yes,I forgot to tell that while he did this he got married.

All this was over 7 years ago now.

Today,he showed me his new house that he and his wife are buying,and I was oh so proud of him,so very proud.

Yes,he’s got the brains of his mum,but perhaps the determination of his dad.

He’s a doctor now,a published scientist,not bad for a boy that we thought would never hold down a job,eh.


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