Wash day revolution.

Things in yesterday that took all day to get done,now can be achieved while this blog post is written.What I mean is this:Monday,that tradition day for washing,the preparation,the sheer labour of getting cloths cleaned and ready to wear again could take most of the day.So ,as I write this ,I reflect that labour saving devices really have chanced our emphasis,our concentration can be diverted to other pursuits of a more personal nature,where we can allow the washing machine to do its work,while we just get on with things.

Wether those things be our work,our leisure,of just more time to ourselves,it’s certainly true that technology has improved the 

Lot of so many people in the world.

So,all that time spent in washing ,using a ringer etc etc,where did it all go?Well,for me,it went on more piano playing,more more more more of everything other than washing.

So,here endeth my muse for the day and the washing machines ne finishes its cycle and I go off to check on it.


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