From burning tower blocks,to Brexit talks,I think,sometimes,

From stuff that happens ,from life that just keeps moving,I wonder.

As the sun rises each day,as the life we all hope to lead sometimes falters in its own wake,I wonder,

Because sometimes,I hope,I feel,in all my hope,I’m realistic ,life can sometimes not be a fantastic.
But,as life is our life t,,I have my spunk,my ignitions,my premonitions,my imaginations ,my moments,

I am   something,as long as I’m in the room  to speak,then life is,to me at least,real.

Sometimes,it’s hard,this that no called life,it’s .ucked up ,but it’s never without hope,does ybreed u hear me,never never never.
So,I’m a sad old git,but I’m an hour nest old git,and I’m not afraid of f says no exactly how I feel.,

You see. I , believe in you humans,or in the majority of you .
Sometimes ,just sometimes,I just have to write my muses,and you,my friends,just,sometimes,read them.
Peace to you all.


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