Morning Textures.

Rustling beneath the opened window of my bedroom,the well rehearsed dawn chorus reflect the busy lives of the feathered creatures of the populations that inhabit my garden.That song from Disney:”Whistle while you work”,simplistic in nature,but a tonic to boring activity ,lends itself to the scene that I’m observing right now.Its Saturday morning,it’s late June,2017,and it’s somehow quite a security blanket for me to listen to their songs of counterpoint ,their non bitter and very sweet symphony.Before the organised sounds of my creative life start to take root in my mind,I like to soak up the sounds of the birds,accompanied by the rustling of the trees at the end of the garden.Like that peace ,that forever England,that sense of the place that my forefather fought for in a very different time.

There are punctuated,intermittent sounds above of light aircraft going to places that I don’t know.When I was a child,I used to wonder about those who flew ,and I had a fascination for flying that would,I know,be the same with many of my friends on my sink estate where I lived.There,you always felt that there might be something outside of your existence that must be better,safer,more tangible than the Cornish unit that rattled that was cold and damp and 1950s.Funny,I can’t ever remember hearing the birds when I was a child,and really,I can’t for the life of me think why.Yes,I remember the sounds that the North coast of Cornwall brought to me,a safety blanket then,but with prickles inside to warn me that you couldn’t really sleep ,you had to be aware.

So,now,in this moment,this for many but not for me,banal recollection ,I hear the birds as they use the natural acoustic to let us hear their best symphony ,it is my comfort blanket as such.Comfort blankets remind us of a time when we needed reassurance ,but emotional comfort blankets can take many different forms.Maybe my brutal honesty might be too much ,and I dare say it has been ,but I truly think that we all need an emotional comfort blanket.Yes,it can take the form of many different manifestations,but if we possess it,feel it,inhabit it,then it can go a long way to helping us live a better life ,one that is more I. Tune with who we are.

So,back to the birds,they are working,but they are happy,and although that huge corporation that is Disney doesn’t really do altruism,it does ,at times,provide emotional comfort for children and their parents,and when the children are long grown up and left the nest ,their songs still linger in the consciousness of a soppy old Cornishman.

This is my muse for this Saturday,June 24th,2017.

Thank you .This is a picture of the first Moog,no,it’s far from the mini moog that Stevie used in the Motown albums of the 1970s,but music has been my thing and I wanted to share this picture .Nowadays,electronic music ,through computer software allows for extremely small devices to achieve wonderful sounds,but somehow,I reckon that they don’t match up to the birds outside of my window now.



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