Monthly Archives: July 2017

Morning Brightness.

Caught up in the morning sun,

Rays upon my back,

Light as sharp as blue ray DVD,

All for free,

Not a corporation sight,

Life is bright.


As I woke up this morning from my return from being away in Exmoor,I noticed that change,that drone of sound that is the environment in a small town,as opposed to the absolute silence of Exmoor,where just one car was a major event that vibrated inside my ears for what seemed an age.

Here,at home,as I write this,my concentration is on differentiation of sounds rather than silence interspersed with a single bird,or a the bar of a sheep.As the aircraft over head to their stuff,I wonder really if I heard one in the entire week in Exmoor.Comparisons are normal and natural,but coming home to Dorset is still part of England’s green and pleasant land and for that I’m extremely grateful.

In trying to reflect what I’m hearing now,this is the first time for over a week,that I’ve heard the sounds of neighbouring voices .Its 7::0,not really early,but it intrigues me why I’m getting irritated because they are not shouting,just raised a little.We hear so much about noise pollution nowadays,and I guess that it could be a real problem for many people who might live in confined areas,or near those who walk on the high decibel side of life,preferring the plus 70 to 100 decibel level to exist in,That,and is ,harmful to our hearing,but many get used to it ,not realising the danger of it until it’s too late for their hearing.

As the voices have receded into folk history,I write my words of personal observation,my muse as it were .These words are my thoughts of a snapshot of my day,normally,the start of it,but they are a muse .Yes,they tend to me about what I’ve observed ,and normally that is centred around hearing things.So,I try my best to look after this sense,but ,in the past,I’ve been guilty as a young man of smoking up the high decibels.Why ,just hearing a major Orchestra can,and is,loud.Hearing a rock band ca,and was,even louder,so I can’t preach self control when it comes to consuming loud music.However,I know the value of this quite sound time,that is,this time with the window open,and the early morning rehearsal of the birds in the garden,they do this with love in their heart and a joy to behold.

They don’t seem to need a round of applause,they do it as a show that they exist and I’m a lucky man that I can hear them.Yes,the Berlin Phill were louder,Deep Purple even more so,with my friendly Robin,Sparrow,and Caffinch make a wonderful trio.

I saw today!

I saw wonder,

   I saw stormy skies,

        I saw sheets of rain out to sea,

             I saw wild horses,playing on the moors,

                   I saw the father tide ,the mother movement of River and stream,

                         I saw,you saw,I felt,you felt ,we are one and the same,we are human we are it!

Off home tomorrow!

Exmoor was loved by me,

   It touched my fuzzy mind,left my cares behind,

          Exmoor was loved by me,

               Something seems to have stuck from its leaves on the trees,to its rivers and streams,

                     Exmoor was loved by me,

                         It rains here ,deep and forceful,off the hills,heritage force,authentic you might say,

                              Exmoor was loved by me,

                                   I’ve walked a fair bit,say a fair bit,drank a fair bit,read a fair bit,written a fair bit,

                                        Exmoor was loved by me,

                                            Just like the rings of the sycamore tree,I’ll be here again if I can,


After the rain stops!

It’s been torrential here for the whole day,and the landscape seems to be washed cleaned by the downpour.Watching it descends from the Exmoor peaks give me a little insight into just what happened in the great flood of Lyndon and Lynmouth in the early part of the 1950s,when over 40 folk perished in that herrendous flood.

Now,over 60 years later,there are still reminders among the river and sea defences that had to be constructed.We are ,by nature,a resilient people in the South West,but my ancestors told the cautionary tale of the Lynmouth flood and it was echoed in the 21 st century by the flood at Boscastoe,but thank fully without loss of life,and recently on the Lizard Peninsula too.

So,being stuck indoors in a centrally heated cottage really hasn’t been a hardship as I read a Follett tome from home and wondered if my view of 1960s American history is at variance with his,or if it is,like life,just about opinion and perspective.

As the sun. Reads through here on Exmoor after the rain,I am grateful that the rain has subsided and that this part of the British Isles can dwell in less frantic weather conditions,all be it for a while until the next storm,or downpour ,or gale force wind.

As with the weather,our emotion life can be stormy,and we have to weather these storms,and mostly,if we are honest,they are with ourselves,but we surely hope that we all survive them into the calm waters of everyday life.

Share our locality ,wherever we are.

The light from this day recedes,and I reflect on the events of my day.From the standpoint of a tourist,I feel that I’ve had a good day,with the weather acting as a draw for the beautiful countryside around me.Why,everything that I could wish to soak up in the way of country scenes were there today.

On many occasions ,the people that served me food and drink were so very friendly and caring that I felt that they wanted me share their beautiful county and I have been made to feel so very welcome.That said,I know that dismissive ,al out derisory look that can be afforded to strangers when they visit a rural community.Do you know why I know it?Its because I was thought from a young child growing up in Cornwall to be mistrusting of visitors ,or holiday makers.Now,some 50 years later,I observed it today with the locals making it pretty clear that a certain access to “their ” river wasn’t going to happen as they had,en masse,blocked it off.It wasn’t worth making a scene,or,for that matter,really going to spoil my stay,but I felt bad for their ignorance,and for my Cornish family heritage too,because they would have done exactly the same thing too,if it had been a vantage point ,or beach view or some such place.

It made me realise that you just have to learn from your mistakes,or you are doomed to just repeat the same old prejudices that your forefathers perpetuated decades ago.Its not even passive really,it is truly ignorant.Some of the little villages and towns on the river Ex wouldn’t really exist without tourism,the way that those Cornish villages near Newquay wouldn’t really thrive without the holiday makers from all around the country truth be told.

Yes,this day wasn’t marred because of it,but it is such a shame when insularity takes such a tone and we forget that out planet is a shared planet.

Let’s share what we have,and give of ourselves as selfishness helps no-one.