Young flight!

As the morning heralds a new day,a blank slate,a fresh chance so to speak,I wonder what it might bring .Yes,of course,there are the usual routines of existence that must be followed the way life is,I suppose,but I always marvel at the colours of this time of year.

As the gardens start to burst in growth,it’s a job to keep ahead of the activity of an unwanted kind ,as the weeds and nettles threaten to choke all the beautiful plants and shrubs in the garden.Sometimes,I wished that I had paid more attention to them as a child ,or as a younger man,but now I enjoy their colours that take us away from a dark mood,or the tendency to only remember negative things.Nature demands that we take notice of its display for it has so many appreciative punters who will take your place if you fail to notice,

Failing to notice things does have its costs I feel.Over the years,it has been my professional stimulus to notoriety things with my pupils in order to help them grow as young people.Just like plants they need sunlight,the right soil with all the nutrients ,and,of course,they need watering as without it ,they will surely wither away ,dying as parched wallflowers in the decaying display that is juvenile delinquency,

Oddly enough,most youngsters thrive,most receive enough nutrients,water and sunlight either at home,or at school to get by.However,it was never my aim as a parent for my children to just get by as I knew what neglect could reap from childhood.As the clusters of wild flowers that grow upon the cliffs of the North Cornish coast testify though,even in the most feral of co diction s,beauty can,and does exist.With this in mind,as the season for young people to move from late childhood into early adulthood begins,we can,and must ,do our part as adults to encourage them to grow,for grow they must in an ever developing world where technology ,innovation ,and forward momentum are the key drivers.

Wether you find the analogy of plants to be salient or not,it’s still the case that young people are our future,and they are the ones who are the future guardians of our planet ,and that whatever they decide to with their personal life,they surely have a tough job on their hands if they are to maintain vigilance in holding it together.

As the exam season has drawn to a close,and the anxiety that surely will build slowly up until results day arrives,they will have time to reflect not only on their results,but on their place in society and how they want to shape it,if ,indeed they do.Yes,education does have a place,but so does sheer determination and grit too.Parents t this time will likely be concerned about their sons and daughters as to what they will do,and what future they will have as that is the natural inclination of all of us.

As plants somehow fight for space,they grow towards the sun,so to,our young ones I feel ,do fights to grow,why the term “growth pains” isn’t for nothing ,and we appreciate that,we factor that in when we spend time with them.We hope for success,we support as much as we can,for when we pass “off this mortal coil” as the bard said,what legacy are we going to leave?

Thank you for you attention to my muse today.


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