“Anyone for Tennis”

I watch Tennis once a year,like many do,but ,in those two weeks,I reckon that I become an armchair expert:Funny how deluded we can become.

I use terms like volley,top spin,drop shot,body serve,and the like as if these words were part of my DNA,.

That,to me,is quite funny,because if push came to shove,I probably couldn’t tell you what they really mean.For years,I wondered why they called Rod Laver:”An all court Player”,as I thought surely every player should use the whole court.

It has got me thinking that we sometimes say things to please people when really we don’t mean them,or we really don’t want to,but we chose to say things that we might think are impressive.Really,life is far too short for pretence ,but that is my opinion,and I realise that as I write that ,there might well be those who wouldn’t subscribe to that ethos.

Really,most people that I know would rather prefer to say:”I’m sorry,I didn’t not know what that means,could you explain it please?”

I’ve found that to be the salient thing in teaching teenager.They really don’t want you to be cool,or down with them in any way at all”They have ther music ,their interests,and we ,as adults have had our music ,and we have have memories,but we know that our memories are not there’s.

So,my muse abut my pseudo expertise in the rules of Tennis,has,hopefully,shone a light of the I,portance of being as real as we can,but please let me know if you disagree.
Thank you.


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