The Winning Post!

I’ve taken to getting up early for the past four days to get my run in before the temperatures soar.Yes,it’s taken resolve on my part,but I find it preferable to exercise in the cool morning air,and that has been my pursuit of late.

This morning was no exception,as I headed out at around 6:45 ,trying to build up my “cardio”,as experts in the field term it.That said,my pace ,although improved of late,still resembles a snails on a slightly better day,but there you go,As luck would have it,there seemed to be a number of hardy dogs walkers out on my route,and their adkowledgement really helped me to be honest.As I’m tryouts no my best to complete 10k each day for this week,it has really been a boon to have folk make a comment on my shuffling as I affectionately call it.

This commendation is so welcomed because today I struggled to get out of bed early and into my running garb,so having the well wishers around my road really helped me to complete the 10k today.

Really,I hope to enjoy the actual run that I’m teaming for more if I can build my stamina up,and maybe build a little bit of speed.So,as I mentioned at the outset of my blog,I had the goal of getting out there before it got too hot.To my surprise,by the time I had completed around 8k,it began to rain quite heavily,and I realised that it could well rain on the day of the race,so I sort of sucked it up and managed to finish my allotted distance.

So,was it my determination,my disposition that got me through today?Well,that would be lovely to say,but,alas,not entirely true,as the encouragement that I’m getting from others is,to me,just as important than my own determination to succeed.So,if you can encourage anyone to do just one thing in their life ,please do,but don’t discourage them,as you might never know the efforts that they have put in to do just a little task in life.

To me,running each day is a very big thing and I’m so profoundly grateful for all the encouragement that I have been given,


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