Sharps,not # hashtags!

Each morning produced in us its new challenges and demands,and as I think about my day ,I am aware of the good people in my Dorset town who ave already left for work on this Thursday..It’s not exactly warm out there today,but more of a muggy closeness that tends to make the process of sleep harder to achieve for me.Its true that sleep isn’t as easy for us as we might think.We try to get enough rest,but then it all seems to conspire against us ,and we find ourselves being disturbed by “things that go bump in the night”

There are many suggestions from well meaning people and experts who try to help us all to achieve our blissful slumber.Its not without trying on everyone’s part.Sometimes,I try to listen to music in my mind ,mainly Romantic Piano music to be honest,like Chopin,Brahms and the like,but it needn’t be that .As the phrases run in my mind,other pieces ignite from previous times in my life,so I don’t fully know if they contribute to my peaceful sleep or not.What I do know is that music becomes my “go too comforter in times of stress and when I just can’t “get off”as they say.

So now,it’s almost 6:30,and it’s time for me to begin my day ,to do the things that I have to do.I have an early rehearsal at 8:45,so I need to get my mind in gear for activity.

Have a day everyone,I say that because it’s not always possible to have a nice day because we don’t know what life will throw at us at all,and we have to accept what we get in many ways as we can’t change it,and we can’t alter the end product of what will happen at times.

Thank you for you attention to this rather bizarre post,but it’s as real as I can make it.

Sometimes,I say:”Keep it light” so maybe I will have to follow my own counsel.


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