Finding joy in just expressing ourselves.

There is value in knowing no things for certain,as certainty helps us feel secure when th the world we live in and where we fit into that world.There are those who are very secure in their skills and they demonstrate that  in their superlative talents,and we are better people for knowing them.

However,just as knowing things can be of great benifit to us,so does not knowing have advantages too in so many ways.Because we tend to focus on solutions,we can oftentimes fail to appreciate that there will always be things that we just do not know,and although it might grate at times,the virtue of not knowing things will invariable help us not to be so egotistical and by allowing modesty to dictate our actions,we are often better people to be around.

Today,while listening to a very young little girl play her examination pieces,I was struck by her freshness,her attitude and her love for the music.Granted,there were technical areas that really could have been better,but the overall impression that I got from hearing ng her play was that she understood the intrinsic nature of our art.She played with a melodic and rhythmical understanding that many older players struggle with,and it was this expression that attracted me to her.So yes,she didn’t get it totally right,but she was able to express something that became a musical gift for me to enjoy.

It still,to me,defines what music is all about,that striking difference between technical prowess and musicality.Sometimes,we in our public rustic of technical excellence can easily miss the direction that is c talk Ned in the expressive arts,and we miss it to our peril.

This is my second muse I f the day,but that little girl who I heard today, and joy 6 years of age,had a fresh approach to her music,and I can only hope that she continues to show that throughout her musical journey.While,we all are concerned with getting things  right  in life,it still holds good that we also strive to manifest a positive artistic stance in all we do,so that people see the joy that we show and by the way we do things ,we show a genuine connection with it.

Thank you for your attention to my muse this evening.


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