Living in the moment!

An aspect on life that I don’t think gets enough attention is in the enjoyment of each moment,and the acceptance of our own reality.Yes,I get that many want to constantly improve their lot,their station,or their standing in the opinions no of others,but I firmly think that when we find a level of contentment with what we are ourselves,then the other stuff as it were,becomes less important,less of a big deal.Why,my reality is that I have a measure of good health,I will be able to feed and cloth myself today and live in ,for many around the world,would be considered luxury.Now,I suppose the problems comes when we compare ourselves with others without fully appreciating their life and how their difficulties might well impact upon them.

As the sun outside adorned the day ahead,I know that there will be opportunities to soak up the good things in my environment,even though the day might have its fair share of stresses.Its that mental compromise that I feel we all have to be prepared too undertake with ourselves.As the birds sing in the trees at the end of my garden,I know that their song continues to perpetuate an order of things to me,but I have to be aware of that and not allow the good moments to be rendered if no account by all the other “stuff” that happens to all of us.Life,just living,is a wonderful thing,and when we witness a smile,a laugh,the joy of people just being happy with their lot in life,we surely feel a sense of joy ourselves.By that,I don’t mean a manufactured sense of well being,but a genuine feeling that life essentially is good.

It’s now a little after 7 in the morning,with the day ahead of me,I know that this muse won’t be the most pressing thing that I do today,but it will somehow put things in perspective.Really,the affects of just meditating ,all be it for a short while on the good that I have in life,really helps to keep me from that terrible disease called self pity which threatens the peace of so many of us.

Many years ago,when I worked in construction,there was guy there who taught me so much about being happy with his lot in life.His beginnings were humble ,like mine in so many ways,but his early life was spent in a children’s home.He had secured his job testing concrete for a major player in the industry and he worked long and hard .It was his joy ,especially of a Friday ,as he could spend the weekend at the seaside wth his family then that so attracted me to his personality.Starting at 5 in the morning,I would make him a cup of tea when he arrived from his base at Havant ,having travelled down to the plant with his specimens of concrete for testing.You know,he was so happy to be working-having spent the night shift on the motorway,or terminal 5 when it was being built,was just so infectious that it really helped me.He wasn’t an educated man at all,but highly resourceful,practical,and he had a “can do” attitude,that I have oftened thought about since I was made redundant from the plant many years ago.

Sometimes,it’s the moments that happen to you that have the greatest affect on you .If you allow people to help you ,to reach you,you can sometimes cope so much better with your stuff as it were.So,today,on this Friday,I’m going to do my best to soak up the good weather,the people that I meet ,and try my best to enjoy the moments that will invariably come.

Thank you for you attention to my muse.


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