Natures soft power .

Well,it’s been a bit of a lazy morning for me ,as my mind ,my joints,and my fingers seem to want to affect a go slow on this Saturday morning.

Sometimes,it’s like that with us all,what we might consider to be a conspiring of events takes over,and we don’t appear to have the energy that we hoped to have ,but I’m still very much alive and the Breeze of my opened bedroom window is providing me with a delayed wake up call.As my mind starts to engage with the day,I start to hear the sound of the familiar birds in concert at the far end of the garden.Truth is,they have probably been singing for hours,but my slumber didn’t notice them.Now though,in the morning of this Saturday,I start to notice and to realise that they will accompany my day for all the right reasons.As I think about that,and them,these summer sounds -treats of my life-as I like to call them,prop up my mind as it’s tiredness feels the need of these sound maidens to usher in the onset of this new day.

Wether this day will follow the patterns of previous Saturdays isn’t clear,but what is clear is that I will endeavour to appreciate them for what they are,and not for what they are not.As my dogs feel the need to urge me for their food,their body clock still fascinates me.On the one hand ,I might be slightly annoyed with them for their impatience,but ,at the same time,this role I have to play in their lives,pleases me too.
As the varying pitches of the garden birds perform their morning concert,it’s almost like having a free prom concert,but in my back garden.This resource,this place,the garden where the children played ,is still there as the playground for my dogs.

This moment now as the breeze lifts my tiredness ,beckoning me to the kitchen for breakfast has an almost soft power to it.Sometimes ,I think that nature has a soft power all of its own with these gentle breezes,the swaying of the trees,the soft tones of bird song,the almost silent visitors to our gardens at night as these feral beings live out their existence.

It makes me want to celebrate the soft power of nature in all it’s glory,and it stirs me to not forget as the day starts in earnest ,with other things encroaching on my mind space and other concerns that must be attended too.

Yes,in my younger days,I marvelled at the power of the Atlantic Ocean to energise my creative mind,enfusing it with life,and,in my case,helping me to hear the music in those crashing breakers of Fistral,Watergate,and Perranporth to name just few.Nowadays,thoug,I still get enfused by the sounds of nature,but the sounds run in Pianissimo with lighter crescendos and punctuated light orchestrations of robin,sparrow,wagtail and Blackbird.These little fellows wouldn’t last 5 minutes in an Atlantic storm,but they last their life cycle in the gardens of England up and down this country.They are not political,they are not harsh,they are not homophobic,they are secure in their shells.They sing for the millionaire and for the homeless,they are not partial and this is a basic observation,but my salient one for today.

Thank you for your attention to my Saturday muse,


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