Respect the silence ,please.

As  I sit ,silently,I wonder if I should break the silence,

For if I dcan d,what would I break it with?

My trusty default ,”Saturday soul” to ale me whole,

Some Jazz,some folk,some funk,or just a little chunk of Monk.

So,do I break the silence?

What about a film?

What about it?

I’m no film man,I can’t pretend,in fact ,I’m quite a film child,truth be told.

So,I have a few tunes in my old head ,truth be said,and that comes off my head.

So,if I said that I don’t know ,would that make me a regular Joe?

You know,to be a regular Joe,that’s not a throw,it’s makes us grow to be a regular Joe.

So,I just might ask around tonight,test those waters that interrupt the silence of us all.

Whatever your doing,respect the silence.Please.


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