This quiet place.

Exmoor ,that jewel in the crown of National Parks has in so many ways ,captured the essence of its own individuality .This little cottage,set in a traditional garden of Englishness,that is,hedgerows ,climbing roses and honeysuckle .Its like sharing with the hares and Rabbits and other furry friends that inhabit this place.There doesn’t appear to be much corporate sponsors of these hares and friends around here.

From the hill above,deer roam free,uninhibited ,u encumbered ,and just able to be country dwellers I think.You get a sort of understanding that you are only sharing their space when you stay here.

Each village is an individual pulse,a pleasure of country Iiving encased in an understanding of where they fir in the national park.Exmoor isn’t the Peak District,of the Lakes,it is ,without disrespect,small.Its beauty lies in its positioning on the Qua rocks at the Somerset end,and its Devon connections with Lynmouth and Lynton ,and it is ,to me,unique among national parks.

Each wild animal that I have seen appears to be in good c diction,and in particular ,the Ponies,and as someone who was brought up in Cornwall,I’m afraid that there were times when the management of the Ponies on Bodmin moor were so woefully inadequate.

However,as a lifelong fighter against animal blood sports,I don’t agree with the levels of interest in the park among farmers and huntsmen who still feel the need to hunt foxes and I never will do,

We all exist with our consciences ,I suppose,and we all have to stand ,or fall on what we are prepared to tolerate.

However,in the round,Exmoor remains that Jewel in the crown of our national parks,that small gem among so many.
Thank you for reading.


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