Share our locality ,wherever we are.

The light from this day recedes,and I reflect on the events of my day.From the standpoint of a tourist,I feel that I’ve had a good day,with the weather acting as a draw for the beautiful countryside around me.Why,everything that I could wish to soak up in the way of country scenes were there today.

On many occasions ,the people that served me food and drink were so very friendly and caring that I felt that they wanted me share their beautiful county and I have been made to feel so very welcome.That said,I know that dismissive ,al out derisory look that can be afforded to strangers when they visit a rural community.Do you know why I know it?Its because I was thought from a young child growing up in Cornwall to be mistrusting of visitors ,or holiday makers.Now,some 50 years later,I observed it today with the locals making it pretty clear that a certain access to “their ” river wasn’t going to happen as they had,en masse,blocked it off.It wasn’t worth making a scene,or,for that matter,really going to spoil my stay,but I felt bad for their ignorance,and for my Cornish family heritage too,because they would have done exactly the same thing too,if it had been a vantage point ,or beach view or some such place.

It made me realise that you just have to learn from your mistakes,or you are doomed to just repeat the same old prejudices that your forefathers perpetuated decades ago.Its not even passive really,it is truly ignorant.Some of the little villages and towns on the river Ex wouldn’t really exist without tourism,the way that those Cornish villages near Newquay wouldn’t really thrive without the holiday makers from all around the country truth be told.

Yes,this day wasn’t marred because of it,but it is such a shame when insularity takes such a tone and we forget that out planet is a shared planet.

Let’s share what we have,and give of ourselves as selfishness helps no-one.


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