After the rain stops!

It’s been torrential here for the whole day,and the landscape seems to be washed cleaned by the downpour.Watching it descends from the Exmoor peaks give me a little insight into just what happened in the great flood of Lyndon and Lynmouth in the early part of the 1950s,when over 40 folk perished in that herrendous flood.

Now,over 60 years later,there are still reminders among the river and sea defences that had to be constructed.We are ,by nature,a resilient people in the South West,but my ancestors told the cautionary tale of the Lynmouth flood and it was echoed in the 21 st century by the flood at Boscastoe,but thank fully without loss of life,and recently on the Lizard Peninsula too.

So,being stuck indoors in a centrally heated cottage really hasn’t been a hardship as I read a Follett tome from home and wondered if my view of 1960s American history is at variance with his,or if it is,like life,just about opinion and perspective.

As the sun. Reads through here on Exmoor after the rain,I am grateful that the rain has subsided and that this part of the British Isles can dwell in less frantic weather conditions,all be it for a while until the next storm,or downpour ,or gale force wind.

As with the weather,our emotion life can be stormy,and we have to weather these storms,and mostly,if we are honest,they are with ourselves,but we surely hope that we all survive them into the calm waters of everyday life.


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