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Sage advice from a classic!


Sound Perspective.

It’s an overcast day outside,and I can,with much effort,hear the song of a solitary bird ,as a plane flies high above the skies overhead.Sound perspectives to me are just as important as image ones as they act as clues to where I am and to where I want to go.

It’s like when your walking by a river or a stream and you have that restful feeling of the water over the stones on its bed,it’s such a restful sound,it tempers agitation I feel.Now that the plane has moved on,probably at around 400 miles per hour cruising speed,taking folk to their needed or desired destination,I’m left with the sound perspectives of around 5 birds acting as a quintet in my garden as they perform their choral fantasy for anyone who might be up this morning.

Spying out natural sounds has,of late,become a pursuit of mine,and I like to take note of them,filing them away in my little brain ,feeding off the restfulness of them at times of turmoil or of anxiety.This mechanism isn’t clinical,more my own “special place” as it were.To many,it might be a favourite image,a smell from long ago that comforts them,but ,whatever it is,we all need ,in my opinion that is,”our safe place”

As the birds are enjoying their interval from their fantasy and I galvanise myself to get out and run this morning,I wonder what sounds will await me,will they excite me,arrest me,interest me,warn me,I know not .As I write these words,another plane flies over,it’s a busy day in the high skies.So clear are some sounds ,so well defined in the natural acoustic,that they attach themselves to your consciousness,or at least mine that is.

These sound perspectives fascinate me ,and the countryside affords us folk so many opportunities to hear them in their entirety as the vibrations affect them .In the distance,at the top of Church road in the town where I live,I can hear the bells,as the first service on this day begins at 8.Maybe the wind is in the right direction,but normally the bells have that historical sound,don’t they.When I was a very young boy,practicing the organ,I found the church bells extremely annoying,as I thought they lacked melodic and harmonic clarity.Now,I tend to like the stability that they bring to a community and the fact that to those who know their meaning ,they are a lifeline.

In Cornish fishing villages,they are rung when there was thought to have been a disaster at sea and the women would congregate at the harbour side waiting for news.My uncle would talk to me about it as a child,and he had such a way of expressing himself that I lapped up the words just like I tend too with the sound of the waters.Now,well over 45 years later,my uncle is long gone,but I can still hear his voice,it’s a soothing sound,yes it’s a strong Cornish accent,but with softones thatdraw you to another beating heart,like the voice of Richard Burton.

My muse this morning has been about sound perspective ,as when we really think about things,we owe to to ourselves to put things in their proper perspective.To me,sound helps me,the natural ones are often the best,and now,on this Sunday morning,I really must get myself out of bed and get the exercise that ,I’m told and tend to feel,will release those endorphins into my head so that I can fully appreciate those wonderful sounds of nature,but putting in perspective,all those folks on those planes,let’s hope that they will have a wonderful visit wherever they may be,and those called to their church,let’s hope that they find comfort too,because,to me,my perspective is that people should live their lives as best they can and we shouldn’t be noisy in trying to I flounce them into doing anything that they can’t do or won’t do.

Thank you for your attention,and if you like the sound of what I’ve written ,then check out my daily blog ,and thank you once again.

Respect the silence ,please.

As  I sit ,silently,I wonder if I should break the silence,

For if I dcan d,what would I break it with?

My trusty default ,”Saturday soul” to ale me whole,

Some Jazz,some folk,some funk,or just a little chunk of Monk.

So,do I break the silence?

What about a film?

What about it?

I’m no film man,I can’t pretend,in fact ,I’m quite a film child,truth be told.

So,I have a few tunes in my old head ,truth be said,and that comes off my head.

So,if I said that I don’t know ,would that make me a regular Joe?

You know,to be a regular Joe,that’s not a throw,it’s makes us grow to be a regular Joe.

So,I just might ask around tonight,test those waters that interrupt the silence of us all.

Whatever your doing,respect the silence.Please.

Fre’deric Francois Chopin (1810-1849)

Chopin was a pivotal figure in the history of the piano.He wrote music ideally suited to the ” new” instrument that was quickly evolving during his life.As a result of these developments in piano technology instruments were capable of producing a broader palate of colours than their predecessors.They also allowed pianists to execute much faster  more intricate,delicate passage -work than earlier instruments.Chopinusedtheseelements of the new pianos,along with the sound altering capabilities of the una cords pedal,to create music full of subtly interwoven melodies and colourful,modal harmonies.He created and expanded role for the piano as a solo instrument ,performing his own fluid,expressive music with a delicate touch and tremendous sensitivity.Virtually all of his compositions were eitherpieces for solo piano or pieces that featured the piano prominently,aunique preoccupatio fora composer of the romantic era.

Born ear Warsaw,Poland,to a Polish mother and a Frenchfather,Chopin was an u de iable prodigy.The boy’s precociousplayingopened many doors in the Warsaw salons,where he quickly became the darling of society.Chopin revealed in the elegance and style of that world.He began writing music as a child,publishing his first pieces at the age of seven.Followinghis eduacationat the Warsaw Co servatory,he left Poland for Vienna on 1830to make a name for himself in a cultural capital.He eventually settled in Paris,where he became s sought after teacher ,and again a favourite performer in the salons of the wealthy and aristocratic ,where educated,cultured people gathered to hear the latest music,poetry,or literature of the day.

Famous for his fussy ,fashionable clothing and handsome face,Chopinled a pampered life.A small,frail man weighing just 7 stones,he was very sensitive about his physical stature because he felt it kept him from making a resonant,ample tone on the piano,which he would have liked.Accordingly ,Chopin enjoyed playing in the small salons,or drawing rooms.He felt these spaces were suited to his relatively small sound and did not cause him the nervous tension he felt when playing in large halls.In fact,Chopin’s legendary reputation as a performer was built on a total of about40 concert hall performances.On one such occasion,he was heard by Schumann who extolled him as a genius.

Choose in was never able to return to Poland ,due to the political upheaval and war there,but he missed his homeland deeply.He loved to incorporate some of t old music of his homeland,weaving into his piano music.Although he never married,he did sustain a ten year relationship with the bold George Sand(Aurore Dudevant).Shelived a wildly bohemian,outspokenlifestyle,smoking cigars and dressing in men’s clothing.She became a tender,maternal care-giver to the composer,creating the happiest ,most productive years of his short life.Chopin’s frail health,diminished by tuberculosis,deteriorated during their years tighter,plummeting after their break up.He died two years later,aged 39,and was buried in Paris.At his funeral,Mozart’s requiem was performed,and it was attended by around 3,000 people.

He remains,to this day,a giant among composers for the Pianoforte.