My Passage to Saltash.

This holiday scene ,this estuary ,with Cornwall on one side,and Devon in the other gives off an air of peace,punctuated by the Paddington to Penzance railway snaking its way through this lush Cornish countryside.Today,the line seems busier than it was when I was a child with special event trains from the bygone era of stream running today,along with the regular service.When I was a child,the railway was my gateway out of the county to London ,and it provided me with an escape to more of a cultured existence.

Each train journey that was made,seemed to broaden my horizons,and so this mode of transport has a special place in my heart,as it does in so many others.Nowadays,where I live in the south of the country,we are apt to complain about the service offered for those using the rail system,but when I was a child,it seemed a marvel of the modern world.Even if it’s now considered by some an overpriced and overcrowded mode of transport,it still has a charm that attracts me,and it remains my favourite of all forms of travel.This line weaves in and around the unmovable structures of the geography of the area,traversing by means of its many viaducts,numerous valleys.As Cornwall doesn’t have that many branch lines -the beaching cuts of the 60s seeing to that-the main line is the hub of the whole Cornish network.These trains glide along the countryside allowing for pa oramic vistas of the Cornish countryside and for many,the journey is an intergral part of the holiday.

Today,the sight of a stream train racing down the line just out of Plymouth towards Bodmin Road was a wonderful sight .When I saw it,it was at nearly full steam ,cutting through the countryside,queen of all it surveyed.You have to pinch yourself in these moments,because they can fly by quickly if you do not capture them afresh in your consciousness.

Walking adjacent to the line today was quite a wonderful thing,as I felt that I could appreciate the line for what it is.I didn’t need to have that ambition to get away from the county of my birth,but I could just observe the trains as they did their stuff,their work,and it was quite a highlight around the passage at Saltash.


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