Terra Nova.

This boat under sail,traditional in its appearance,spied by me through the binoculars ,seems to have a great day in store.There is enough room on her for two people,and they are making headway up the estuary towards the mouth of the Tamar.Water glistens  today as the Sun drenches the river,making it more appealing to the eye,the ear and to the soul.Today,there are more people out on the river,enjoying to charms,its space,it’s canopy of distraction.

Rivers are just the heartbeat and the material arteries of our country,and without them ,we wouldn’t have so many of the animal and bird life that we are all apt to take for granted.As I survey the river from my vantage point,I wonder if you could tire of it if you lived here permanently.Yesterday,I asked someone a question about the place that he lived in,seeing he had arrived at any there cove by his little boat.It seemed such a wonderful thing to me.Yes,I realise that there are many  problems with any form of transportation as nothing is perfect,but life on the river,as Ratty and. Mole and Badger from my childhood love or “The Wind in the willows,surely has currency even now.

So,sail on to Terra Nova ,you queen of the seas,and may you have good ,strong ends to take you to your destination.


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