Nature’s glory

As the birds sings in my garden,I wonder if they would ever stop,or do they just sing less,or softer ,or in a shift system.It seems a juvenile question to ask,s I am a 59 man ,and,of course,I ask it in the rhetorical sense,but it’s salient to me.Right now,there are 4distincts sounds in a harmony to me,or,to be exact,in a string quartet form.Giving musical terms to there sounds might appear a little grand,but it’s the way that I can appreciate their sheer grandeur.This musical spectacle wasn’t the same down in the estuary where I have been for the last week.There,there were birds galore,but their existness seemed to be part of a much larger ecosystem and one that I wasn’t truly familiar with.

Like music,bird songs soothes me,enabling me to tap into an emotional refreshment that other sounds don’t always offer.Their tones,their solos,duets,trios,and quartets fascinate me and always have.Its never a burden to wake up in the concert room with their acoustic and their imprint on our souls.Sometimes,I play the songs in my head ata much slower speed a number of times,yes,it’s a musical muse and no other,but it has the affect of regeneration,helping me to connect with my natural surroundings.

We all have stresses and strains,and some are beyond our control if you like.As I wrote that,I thought of all the young people awaiting their exam results that will descend upon them in the next couple of weeks.My pupils,many whom I’ve known  for a number of years,have their future academic life tied into those results,and I feel that it must be a tough time for them all.

Like so many of us now,we are all bombarded with electronic alerts and messages that the real time sounds of the birds,or the sound of the trees swaying in the wind,might appear old hat.However,these simple things in many ways,do have their restorative powers that we shouldn’t u derestimate.

Soaking  up nature is so important imho.


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