The Voice on the train!

As I sat on the underground yesterday from Richmond to South Kensington,my sensitive hearing soaked up the sounds of the rolling stock as it trundled along the rails,From Richmond it did its stuff through to Kew Gardens before reaching Gunnersberry.As the train stopped at that station,allowing for passengers to alight and to board,I notice the surgical attachments to the aural cavities of the passengers,and it’s struck me that I’ve been travelling the underground,on and off since the 1970s.Now,as then,you get the hardy stalwarts who are devotees f the broadsheets,or the “Evening Standard”,and,of course,the young pretender to the throne for f underground newspaper,”The Metro”.However,the majority of travellers now occupy their journey with their phones in one guise or another,Yes,without wishing to bore you any more with my opinions no on the I-phone,something really impressed me yesterday as I travelled into the centre of the city and to my destination.

My journey on the district line ma route that I have taken many times before,panned out like this:aHaving been quite tired from quite a few journeys to London from my home on the Dorset /Hants border,I was struggling to stay awake,but then from my right side,and elderly lady used her phone.She wasn’t the typical user,rather like me,as she appeared to wonder what to do with this “thing” in her hand,but she persevered with the call.When she dialled the number,waiting for the receiver to pick up,she answered the call:”Hello Fiona,how are you ,and how is Charlotte?Have you heard how she is in Cuba?As she waited for the response,she let out a huge sigh of relief!You see,her relative wasn’t in Cuba where the eye of IRMA was heading,but in the South American country of Chile.Her relief was real,her sigh of ecstasy was real,quite a wonderful thing to witness in the human spirit.Her care and concern was real,not false or forced.

It’s funny that she wasn’t aware of my attention,of my life,of my visit to a hospital to visit a dear loved one.She didn’t need too,of course,but she showed humanity,a display of care,of compassion,of concern.These small ,but significant events are there in life,it’s just that so many other things crowd them out ,making it very hard to discern our fellow man.

Now,we all have our ups and downs ,our aches and pains,but sometimes,just sometimes,we know of those who grapple with life at the very sharpest end,and we need to reach out to them as much as we can.Its Funny that that lady had much much re in common wth a stranger to her like me than she ever thought,and this s my blog post for this Sunday.Thank yand u for reading my prose as you are contributed no to my mental Health more than you will ever know.

Thank you from Adrian Smith on this Sunday in September,2017.


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