That bit before 

Shall I play the Piano for a bit,

Shall I get a glass of water,

Shall I check the weather ,

Shall I ,shall I ,shall I,

It’s that bit of time just before 

Just before you open the front  door,

Just that bit before,

Oh,it’s not a chore,not a bore,but it’s that bit ,

Those 10  minutes before you do,you know,

Oh,if only you had thought about it before,

Then you might have had more time for the bit before,

So,it is almost now,the time that isn’t the bit before,

It’s time to open the door,

Spare a thought for those who just can’t open that door,

For whom,there is no bit before,

For those who never go out ,

Haven’t been out for years,

I’m fine,I can open the door and perform,I’m lucky.


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