My morning!

After a morning of teaching that saw my energy levels augment and sparked my desire to think about the greatness of the classical greats.These two hours,yes,compared to the remaining ones in a full week,might not appear to compete at all with that large number.However,I’m thinking more of the dynamic nature of time in this respect.Music has that in the moment power,it’s very abstract nature propels itself to push us forward ,to exist in these supreme moments as such,but the residue of these works of art enables us to relive those sounds long after the process of performing.What I mean by this is that after music has been played,it still leaves an affect on our minds,and we listen again in our heads ,all be it ,in a different way,but we surely do.

For example,theMozart Piano sonata that I Heard today ,althoughthe last phrase was played an hour ago,is still in my head now,and resides there .So then,this thing we call music,although in the context of our life,may not have the salience Of other things,but it will have its affect,and those will be felt long after the actual sounds into our ears and thus to our minds are heard.Dont get me wrong,silence has its pluses and it’s advocates,but complete lack of sound in our atmosphere would cause ,at best,and unease,but at worse,it would signal quite a depression .My impression of enforced silences is that they have as their roots, some sort of control.Yes,the very word “Silence” can often alert us to another human wanting our attention via their sound words,so I’m cynical about the need for absolute silence.

Actually,the definition of rhythm is The interplay between sound and silence and I rather like that state to be in.So,today,my memory replays the Mozart sonata not just as the sound of Mozart’s music,but the interplay of the sounds and the rests-silences-too.Mozarts music has,at its roots,these wonderful classical themes where the music breaths ,where we can hang our minds on these musician figures and phrases. 

So,What enables us to recall a musical performance isn’t just the sounds in our minds,it’s the silences ,the gaps,the pauses too which,like language and the inflections are vital to our appreciation .So,if your finding yourself with that tune in your head ,chances are you are recalling the interplay,the fullness of the moment,the emotion of the moment as it were.

This is my muse for today and it comes about from two hours to Of life this week.Yes,it might not float your boat and your morning,evening ,or night.In these times when smart thinking-whatever that means-is one of those catch all phrases for the business,academic and social world,I make no pretence that this is smart thinking,it’s just my thinking.


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