What’s in a name!

So,what the seeming escalation of Atlantic storms coming to visit us Brits with their unique calling card,would you like one named after you.?If the current one has any bearing on the names available,all our names are up for grabs.When yu call a storm “Brian”,you realise that it’s open Cesame of any Christian name to be wheeled out and mulled over as to the sigficiance of the designation.Personally,I doubt wether a storm called “Adrian “would quite fit the bit,even though it has ,at its roots,the Adriatic.

Far from dwelling to much ,I’ve often looked back on storms and realised that their effects have reaped havoc when,in real life,all the Katrina and Andrews that I have taught over the years have all been docile and harmless to say the least.Those wits on my twitter feed have with their :”Its not a storm,it’s a breeze,” reparte caputed the Pyhon sense of humour that so many of us have grown up in.

As the rain descends outside,it doesn’t appear to rain like a Brian ,or maybe ,it does.So,would it rain like an Adrian?Blow like Beryl ,howl like a Henry,make banging noises like a Barry?

My mind ,with it’s weird synopsis should be at my Parkrun,but a certain Brian -not the naughty boy Brian,but the one who is named after a storm has,!


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