My Week.

Travelled to Cornwall,to Kernowsmith,the pride of the Southwest,

Said goodbye to my sister Donna,and one and all stood tall ,

Meditated on the fragility of life,

Felt the need to take stock ,

Took an emotional stock check,

Tried to learn from the past,but not to be defined by it,

Kept my routine of exercise forwards ,

Looked to the tunes and pictures to blast my senses,

Smiled at my mistakes,realised that I’m not all that,

Checked that my heart still beats,

Said hello to the waves of Fistral,Lusty and Co,

Walked up to Eden and beyond,

Sang a hymn or two in concert with Diapason,

Returned my sister to the bowels of the Earth,

Got back home to Dorset ,to my pupils,with their glow,

That was my week,my life,my sparks,my imprints n the sand of existence.


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