To observe the little emotional lights!

As the week progresses,this never ending propulsion,I dwell on the past acts of love and kindness from my memories of others in that crystal maze that is my imagination,my consciousness,my mental enclosure,Finding time to reflect on the good that has been done me is a form of emotional battery charge,as it equips me to live ,what I might term,a better life.That life,with all its emotional terrains is made so much more palatable by the numerous acts of kindness and care that have been afforded me in my sojourn on this Earth,my own bit of Terra Firma as it were.

Focusing intensely on the important things isn’t a fantasy,it isn’t ignoring the sadness that we all can feel,but it is giving due weight to the value f each day of life,and how just to savour it for what it is.As has often been said ,it isn’t necessarily the pursuit of a good day as such,it’s the finding something that is positive in it.Its the Autumn colours,that optic feast ,that free light show these past few days.Its that sheer zest for life that my dogs show every morning ,that “What are we having for breakfast thing they do”.

Yes,although we all carry that potential of negativity within each of us,we can,as such,harness the good in others,their support,their kindness,their empathy in ways that energise us ,keeping a perspective in our lives that we so desperately need to carry on .

Living of itself can be a challenge for many,but after numerous observations critically ill people in hospitals from Cornwall to London it has always made an imprint on my mind that their desire to overcome,to fight ,to grapple,to give it a go this thing called life,is an extremely wonderful thing to observe.So,I make this plea to myself today,and maybe it might help your day go slightly better,I’m choosing to look for small things every few hours to lift me,be it ,in my environment,an animal,the sounds that I hear,the hints of happiness that we sometimes observe as a soft smile from a pleasing text message is read,or a greeting ,or an emoji of support,I’m going to notice,yes,to silently feed of that positive life emotion to recharge my beating life batteries.

Thank you for your attention to my muse today.



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