Hoping that the fog will lift!

It’s foggy outside this morning with the trees in the background fading in the mist of my sight line.Its been forecasted to be such,but the presence always alerts me to its dangers.Fog,like it’s ugly sister,ice,is an ever present danger to road users ,with the potential to cause serious accidents,plaguing the road user ,threatening life and limb.

Sometimes,fog is associated with having a mind that appears to be dense in its confusion.For whatever reason,I know that feeling from old,and as I’ve got older,I’ve had to accept that ,just like the literal fog on land and at sea,you just have to take preventative measures to deal with it.As much as you desperately desire for the fog to lift in your physical environment,so to you can become impatient for it to lift in your head,boy giving time for it to lift.Just as you can drive through a patch of fog as if my chance,our minds can be like that too,completely polaxing us in those moment,causing panic,fear,and desperation.Those feelings are truly real and when your going through them,you honestly feel that you won’t come out the other side.That emotional inertia ,as if to capture you within yourself with visible challenges has around you is so very traumatic.However,if I say that ,for me at least,it has always lifted,it has somehow not defeated me,that isn’t to imply that I’m some sort of saint,no far from ,it feels that if I can ,with patience ,come through it,then there is always hope for others too.

This metaphor,although having limitations if I were going to give a polemic to my own writing does though give a window into the mind that might be heavy,foggy if you like.Just As the co start stimulus of the world in which we live gives us so many wonderful things,it can also impinge in our own peace of mind as such.Giving ourselves permission to accept that there is fog,slowing down,all be it for a while,might help us to recharge ourselves,in order to carry on.As surely as the fog will lift outside my window,revealing those resplendent,then we always hope that whatever fog inhabits our mind will lift in due course.Granted,it may not come as quickly as we would like,but it surely will come .

Thank you for your patience in my muses and ramblings .



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