We need others,

My dogs have taken to star gazing in the cold night sky,following in a long line of our dogs that have graced the home over the past 30 years.My patience has often been tested as,unlike cats,they need to be let out to views their night time Astronomy festivals.Tonight,all told,they must have been outside at least 6 times,and always with the same old scratching at the door,To he dependent on you like they are in quite interesting to me.It teaches me to realise that we are all dependent on one another far more than we realise.Yes,we might pride ourselves in our independence ,as we forge a life for ourselves where we fool ourselves that we are masters of our own destiny.Paradoxically,when we take stock of ourselves by just observing our pets,we might be surprised about just how much we do indeed need others.Granted,we might have all the provisions sown up .What I mean is this,the acquisition of hygiene factors might fool us into thinking that we have all we need,that we have by the work ofour hands,provided these things,and thus we don’t need anything else.


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