Why,just a week ago!

Why,but a week ago,the population of our small town was gripped in a carpet of snow,with many of the roads rendered impassable,and our hearts were missing a beat at the thought of traversing them.Just like for many the excitement of x-mas,snow ,when it arrives,especially in the South here had different affects.As the excitement of the silent fall seems very much akin to Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.As the initial joy of the moment of the snow fall sinks in,we begin to release that needed supplies that we were confident would be available even at the local store,only to witness empty Milk storage shelves and bread not rising ,or yeast not fermenting in the delivery lorries.Just like X-mas,that initial joy begins to West off as we realise our relatives really are annoying ,and we are fed up with that feeling of having to do everything.So,the sins,and it’s attendant affects on our life begins to wear thin on our routines,and we give way to that age old default ,moaning.

Tv images of worse areas of the country,usually Scotland,of the Lake District,Darling nt cut it for us,as we wish the snow would just go away like the stale carols from the B and Q ad that has us threatening to throw a shoe at the box.We are,after all only human,aren’t we?

So,was it barely a week ago that we were snowed in?why yes,but a week can appear a very long time in our late winter,early spring forecasts,and we really do feel that we’ve said good bye to the snow for another year.In many ways,I wish I hadn’t moaned so much,you know ,how is it that I can be beaten to the last pint of milk at the co-op by a 90year old sporting a Zimmer frame,there really is no justice!!!!!!

Oh well,roll on X-mas ,eh.


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