Shapes,like marionettes floating before our eyes,invade our consciousness,

These shapes morph into memories,sketches and sound bites,

At first,we retrieve those quirky things about the person,those things only we observed,

For in our memory moment,we coat it for posterity,to energise in crystal glass,

Then,as if to catch a ball in mercury,it becomes elusive,frustrating,annoying,

Why,those memories take a journey towards us,but like an express train through a small station,they pass us by,

Before we know it,we try to hold unto these memories,because they are all we have,

That smile,that way of elongating their vowel sounds,those colours ,maybe green and purple!!

Never take our memories away,never destroy what a person has shared ,because they have their own memory angels,

Yes,memory angels sustain us all,even the Athiest,The humanist,the agnostic,we all have our memory angels,

So,tonight,never tread harshly on another’s memory angel.

Love those memories,put them in a skin bottle,a memory ship in a bottle,but never lose them,because they are unique.


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